This radio station, despite having been broadcasting for over 10 years, is under test before its' worldwide launch later this year. We will be starting quietly, no massive publicity campaigns, although you may want to keep an eye out for a couple of publicity stunts ;-)
This radio service is designed for an adult audience, and between 9pm and 6am some of the records played may contain swearing and subjects unsuitable for younger listeners. So you have been warned!

Other stuff: All times are in GMT (London) unless stated otherwise. This website is designed to work on Chrome and Firefox at screen resolutions from 1280x768 up to 1920 x 1080. At lower resolutions you will not see some of the content.
Despite bringing you BBC world news, Radio.AC is not affiliated with the BBC in any way and apart from the public license of RSS feeds does not use any BBC content.
Sky News Radio bulletins may be broadcast from time to time, but this does not infer any affiliation with Sky, or any other media organistation.
Our jingles are made by idFREAKS - get yours too. They're cheap. And now they've discovered Autotune, they don't scare the cats.
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